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      Eylwarra Sands Murray Greys run by Nigel & Gina Eylward started their stud on the Eyre Peninsula at Ungarra in 1997 and in 2010 relocated to Lucindale S.A. The move was so that they would be able to concentrate on their stud side of their business. We have broadened our genetic base with intensive AI & ET work while also using our main sires Woodbourn Warrior A69 and Eylwarra Sands Zone Z72. Both who have proved beyond doubt their consistently and are breeding true to type. Many outstanding    daughters of Zone and Warrior have been retained in the stud, with 3 bulls by Zone going on to well known studs.  Woodbourn Warrior A69 was purchased from Woodbourn, Tasmania at their annual sale for a top price of $8000 in 2007. We have sold animals into WA, Vic and NSW.

     We recently purchased Millwood Petrina Y206 for $9000 at the 2010 Murray Grey National Show & Sale. Watch out for her progeny in the near future.

       Eylwarra Sands Murray Grey Cattle are MN3 status and breedplan recorded. Yearling bulls and heifers are scanned by Ben Glatz annually. You can buy with confidence, knowing that our herd has been earnotched tested BVDV (PI) free.

        We are currently running 80 stud cows and 30 stud heifers.  Our commercial herd consists of around 30 breeders.  We calve down in March/April.

Our daughter Angela has started her own stud (AJíS Murray Greys) in 2007 at the age of 11 years. With which she now likes to complete with her father in the show ring. While our younger son Patrick is still happy to help Mum & Dad.

     All our cattle are run under commercial conditions except for the animals that are shown each year.  We are pleased that we have had the pleasure of donating a steer to the Wudinna Area School for the last 4 years.

   We welcome past and future clients at anytime and all enquires are most welcome.  Photos of the cattle for sale can be e-mailed on request. 


Stud History

"Eylwarra Sands" Murray Grey Stud was founded in 1997 on Tarlina, Kaltara, Torrens Vale and Monterey bloodlines. 

In 2000 we started a AI program to better our genetic pool. We started off using Monterey Megaman & Waverley Helios. In 2001 we collected semen from "Eylwarra Sands" General U17 prior to selling him for $4500 3/4 share to T Carter. In 2004 we have purchased 20 straws of semen of Monterey Vegemite Kid of whom we have calves from the 2003 A.I program. Which were all born unassisted, and are showing a even line of calves with growth, muscle and balance.

In broadening our genetic base we have purchased a young heifer, two cows with excellent bloodlines from the Monterey Murray Greys.


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